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2019 NEJCAH Annual Meeting

May 7 - May 9, 2019
Johnstown, Pennsylvania

“By Water and Spirit” has been chosen as theme of the 2019 NEJ Spring Conference. We are meeting in Johnstown, a Pennsylvania town that has suffered three major floods – in 1889, 1936, and 1977. When the flood waters tore into Johnstown in 1889, it was the Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Church building itself that forced the waters to divide, saving many of the buildings in Downtown Johnstown. And the Spirit, working through the people and the churches of Johnstown, brought the town back to life after each tragedy. Revivals led by Billy Sunday in the early 1900s brought about a resurgence of the Spirit, and churches were added and existing churches built bigger, as membership grew. The Wednesday bus tour will include key sites related to the 1889 Johnstown Flood. Johnstown is also the home of the only United Methodist Heritage Landmark in the Western Pennsylvania Conference – Johnstown: First United Methodist Church – where the uniting merger of the Evangelical Association and the United Brethren denomination took place in November, 1946, to form the Evangelical United Brethren Church. Our Wednesday evening session will take place there. More information is available by contacting Warren Kinneer, Registrar at or 412-266-5989 or you may register online at