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Heritage Sunday 2014

Featured Heritage Sunday 2014

"The Church’s Heritage in Mission:
Remembering the 200th Anniversary of the
Death of Thomas Coke"

The theme for Heritage Sunday in 2014 as set by the General Commission on Archives and History is “The Church’s Heritage in Mission: Remembering the 200th Anniversary of the Death of Thomas Coke.”  The date is set by action of the General Conference and noted in The Book of Discipline as being Aldersgate Day or the Sunday preceding that day. Certainly a local church is free to observe it on another date. The choice of date can also call to mind Otterbein’s and Albright’s experiences of the grace of God as these experiences lead to the evangelical revival. The Discipline states, “Heritage Sunday calls the Church to remember the past by committing itself to the continuing call of God” (par. 264.1).

The 200th Anniversary of the death of Thomas Coke will be commemorated by a weekend of addresses and worship at Brecon Cathedral, Anglican, in Wales, the birthplace of Thomas Coke.  Robert Williams, General Secretary will deliver an address; a draft is on this web site.  Preaching on Sunday morning, May 4, will be Bishop Thomas Bickerton, Pittsburg Area; and a Saturday afternoon sermon will be delivered by Lord Leslie Griffiths, Superintendent Minister of Wesley’s Chapel, London.  Two important reference works on Thomas Coke, both edited by John A. Vickers are: The Journals of Dr.Thomas Coke, Kingswood Books, 2005; and The Letters of Dr. Thomas Coke, Kingswood Books, 2013.

Resources to help you plan for the 2014 Heritage Sunday theme are below:

Brief biography of Thomas Coke suitable for a bulletin insert
Thomas Coke biography by Warren Thomas Smith
Thomas Coke address at Brecon, Wales by Robert J. Williams
Sermon by The Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett
Selections from the Writings of Thomas Coke, Arranged and edited by Warren Thomas Smith
Getting Coke out of Asbury's Shadow, a PowerPoint presentation created by Mark Shenise
Getting Coke out of Asbury's Shadow, PDF Version
Note: Both the PowerPoint and PDF presentation documents are large files. It may take time to download each file depending on your Internet connection
Some Significant Events in the Life of Thomas Cokesbury
Readings in Wales

LOOKING AHEAD: The theme for 2015 is “No Longer Strangers," which will highlight the work of those who welcomed the immigrant such as Alma Matthews and Kathryn Maurer as well as immigration responses that are not U.S.-centric.   The theme for 2016 will be "Roots, Shoots, Branches," remembering the 200th anniversary of the African Methodist Episcopal Church as well as the other African Methodist Churches, and noting the  200th anniversary of the death of Bishop Francis Asbury.