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Hymn Selection

You need look no further than the pew rack to find an excellent source of hymns for heritage-related worship experiences. The United Methodist Hymnal (United Methodist Publishing House, 1989) contains many hymns and worship resources that recall different historical eras and reflect our diverse heritage as United Methodists. We can only make a few suggestions here, and encourage you to use the hymnal intensively as you plan worship for heritage events. Some hymns generally refer to history and heritage, such as:

Other hymns recall the early days of the Methodist movement in eighteenth century Britain; these include a few of thousands of poems written by Charles Wesley that express Wesleyan theology in a memorable, accessible way:

Some hymns became closely identified with the early nineteenth century camp meeting movement and the church's movement and growth across the American continent. New music and rousing choruses were often combined with older hymn texts:

Spirituals from the same era remind us that African Americans have long made a vital contribution to the American religious experience, even when in chains:

For several decades after the Civil War and into the twentieth century, hymnists like Fanny Crosby and Charles Albert Tindley wrote hundreds of hymns, gospel tunes, and revival songs that are among the best known and most well-loved in the hymnal today. Just a few from the wide range of choices are: